Leinster Orienteering Championships 2023

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Fees (Euro) Non Championship class fees in brackets. No entries accepted after 10th April
Note that Student/OAP need to select discount that applies.

SeniorStudent/OAPJuniorFamily (Max 2 seniors)
Till 30th March20 (15)15 (12)10 (8)50
1st-10th April25 (20)18 (15)12 (10)65
Si-card Hire221

Separate Location for classes M/W 10/12, W70+ & M75+ with earlier start window.

Sun 16th April 2023  starts 11:00 – 13:30 (Oakwood 10:00 – 11:30)
Camaderry & Oakwood

The 2023 Leinster Orienteering Championship are being held in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, and Coillte woodland. The access will be from the R756, Laragh to Hollywood road at Wicklow Gap, Oakwood access 5km west of The Wicklow Gap.

Oakwood (courses  10, 11, 13 & 14) is mainly a charming bit of Oak woodland. Numerous line features, mainly walls are throughout the area. Most of the area is good underfoot though all courses do have some bits which are physical underfoot. These have been kept to a minimum on course 11.

Camaderry (courses 1-9 & 12) revisits the area used on the Middle distance day for IOC2014

  • 1:15,000 for M/W21E, M/W20E, M/W18E
  • 1:10,000 for all other classes with exception of following
  • 1:5,000 for M/W10, M/W12, W70+, M80+

Contour Interval5m

  • Planner Camaderry: Denis Deasy, Setanta Orienteers
  • Controller: Mary Healy, GEN

Survey and Cartography: Pat Healy of Map Masters, 2013 & 2015 with updates
Basemap: Based on photogrammetric plots from Stirling Surveys.

Indicative Course and Class Information

* = non championship classes
1 12.0 550 1:15,000M21E
2 7.5 265 1:15,000M18E, M20E, W21E
3 5.0 200 1:15,000W18E, W20E
4 7.3 245 1:10,000M35, M40, M45, M21L*
5 5.6 220 1:10,000M50, Men Long*
6 5.0 180 1:10,000M16, W35, W21L*
7 4.4 160 1:10,000M55, M60, W16, W40
8 3.7 120 1:10,000M65, W45, W50, Women Long*
9 3.4 100 1:10,000M70, W55, W60, W65, Men Short*
10 1.8 751:5,000M75, M80, W70 Women Short*
11 1.4 55 1:5,000M85, M90, W75, W80, W85, W90
12 3.2 100 1:10,000M14, W14, Light Green*
13 2.0 75 1:5,000M12, W12, Orange*
14 1.4 551:5,000M10, W10, Yellow*

Control Descriptions

Control descriptions in IOF format are printed on all maps.  Loose control descriptions will be available at start. For courses 12 & 13 (M/W 10/12) the control descriptions will be available in both IOF and written descriptive form in english. Please note, the text descriptions use first letter for compass directions, N = North, S = South, SW = South West etc.

SI Timing

All courses use SI timing with a punching start. The download for all courses will be in the Assembly area. All competitors must download regardless of whether they finish or not. Results will be displayed in the Assembly Area. Any inquiries should be directed to the Event Team at the Assembly Area.


Accompanied/shadowed juniors are not eligible for prizes, please enter colour course.