Month: October 2016


40th Anniversary novelty event (club members only)

Setanta Orienteers is 40 years old having been founded in 1976. We thought that the occasion should not go unmarked, so we are going to have a celebratory novelty type event on Sunday 23rd October in honour of the occasion. The event will be at Ballinascorney using the 1979 version of the map. There may have been some changes to the area in the intervening decades (to say the least), but that’s part of the fun. Read More

Results – Fair Mountain Leinster League Orienteering

Results for Fair Mountain Leinster League Orienteering – 02/10/2016 (5km west of Wicklow Gap)

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Includes Winsplits and Routegadget

We are all keen to see route choices, especially 1 to 2 on Brown & Blue course. at least 4 different options, so please upload/draw your routes on Routegadget. Very good feedback on courses Green, Blue and Brown. Light Green was a bit long, but the weather was nice so it didn’t have major impact. It would have been a better length without the forest loop at end but this was added in with next weeks …

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