Leinster Orienteering Championships 2023

Fair Mountain 17th September 2023

Under permit from NPWS


Results on Orienteering Ireland Website including a link to Winsplits where results are listed by course. Please upload your routes to Routegadget.


Listed below are the prizewinners. Due to the weather conditions on the day, no formal prizegiving took place. Below are listed the prizewinners. Those yet to receive their prize may collect them at 3ROC’s Leinster League event at Carlingford on 8th Oct or at the Munster Champs on 22 Oct. Please collect or arrange to have your prize collected.

Important Notes

  • No Whistle No Go. Whistle check at 5 min call up.
  • If weather dictates, Cagoules will be mandatory. This will be noted in Event Centre.
  • The controls are SIAC enabled. The Finish and Start are not. They must be punched to register a time. The check box will turn on your SIAC.
  • Please note parking instructions below. There is priority parking at Event Centre
  • Wear full leg cover and check for ticks after.

Pre-entry is closed. There will be limited Entry on day before 12:15pm for courses Yellow, Orange and Light Green for Fees of €20/€10 Senior/Junior with €5 concesssion for OAPs and Students.

  • Planner: Denis Deasy, Setanta Orienteers
  • Organiser: Eileen Walsh, Setanta Orienteers
  • Controller: Mary Healy, GEN

Starts from 11:00am

The 2023 Leinster Orienteering Championship are being held in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, The access will be from the R756, Laragh to Hollywood road at Wicklow Gap. GR O 075002
Google map directions to main parking.

What 3 Words: ///tycoons.lusher.door
Longitude 53.042
Latitude  -6.397

Main Parking—–>Event Centre 450-700m 40m Climb on rough track. Allow 15 mins
Event Centre—–>Upper Start Courses 1 – 12 300m 40m climb on paved road. Allow 10 mins
Event Centre—–>Lower Start Courses 13 & 14 250m downhill on hard surface track Allow 5 mins
Finish————>Event Centre/Download 100m

Event Centre

Registration for entry on day, Hire card collection, 3 x Portaloos, Download, Priority parking.
Located at INNER Public Car Park at Wicklow Gap.


There are 2 Parking areas.
Please park in the Main Parking Area and respect the limited parking available in the PRIORITY PARKING AREA.

The MAIN PARKING will be along the Private ESB Road down towards Lough Nahanagan. The entrance is approximately 200m from the main Wicklow Gap Public Car Park, on the Laragh side. The distance from parking to event centre varies from 450-700M with c40m climb.

PRIORITY PARKING (OAP, young families, etc) will be in the INNER Public Car Park at the Wicklow Gap. This is adjacent to Event Centre.
This is a Public Car Park so please be aware of other members of the public.

Follow the instructions of the parking marshals and please do not use the smaller Wicklow Gap carpark adjacent to the R756


Start Times from 11:00 – 13:00 Course closing 16:00.

Start times will be sent by email to all on Wed 13th Sept 2023 and published on the LOC webpage.

If late for your start, the start team will slot you in at next available slot.

Lower Start: 10s, 12s, Orange & Yellow (courses 13 & 14) 250m from Event Centre downhill along a hard surface track.

Upper Start: All other Courses 1 – 12 300m 40m climb from Event Centre, on paved road.

Call up times will be T – 5 mins.


One finish for all courses. 100m from the Event Centre. The route to the Lower Start will pass the finish. It’s important to download upon returning from your course.


Fair Mountain is 80% open mountainside, moderately steep, with some areas of good rock detail. All courses (excepting courses 13 and 14, the  Junior courses) visit the technical area. The top and side of Fair Mountain has peat hag and some drainage features. There are some areas of commercial plantation of mixed runnability. There are some linear features. There is an area of steep crags to the northwest of the map. None of the courses visit this area.

Courses 13 and 14
(10s, 12s, Yellow and Orange) are confined to the main forested area to the north of the map. Course 13 has 2 taped legs and course 14 one taped leg. The tape will be the red and white striped tape that is usually used and tied to long grass, heather and fence.
There is a small narrow stream to be crossed on courses 13 & 14. Cross at the marked crossing points.

Fair Mountain was first used for the 2008 Leinster Orienteering Championships. See Results
Since then a number of Leinster League events have been run. The most recent was in August 2019. See Results and Routegadget

Course and Class Information

All maps printed on A4 waterproof paper and not bagged.

#KmmCtrlsScale Classes
1 8.1 370 191:15000M21E
2 5.5 200 141:15000M18E, M20E, W21E
3 3.5 115 91:15000W18E, W20E
4 4.8 215 141:10000M35, M40, M45, M21L*
5 3.8 175 141:7500M50, Men Long*
6 3.7 165 121:10000M16, W35, W21L*
7 3.5 130 101:7500M55, M60, W16, W40
8 3.0 125 91:7500M65, W45, W50, Women Long*
9 2.0 70 91:5000M70, W55, W60, W65, Men Short*
10 1.9 8591:5000M75, M80, M85, W70 Women Short*
11 1.5 35 71:5000M90, W75, W80, W85, W90
12 2.3 90 101:7500M14, W14, Light Green*
13 1.8 95 101:5000M12, W12, Orange*
14 1.2 7081:5000M10, W10, Yellow*

Control Descriptions

Control descriptions in IOF format are printed on all maps.  Loose control descriptions will be available at start. For courses 13 & 14 (M/W 10/12, Yellow & Orange) the control descriptions will be available in both IOF and written descriptive form in english. Please note, the text descriptions use first letter for compass directions, N = North, S = South, SW = South West etc.

SI Timing

All courses use SI timing with contactless punching enabled for the controls. The start and finish need to be punched. The download for all courses will be in the Event Centre. All competitors must download regardless of whether they finish or not. Results will be available online. Any inquiries should be directed to the Event Team at the Event Centre.


Accompanied/shadowed juniors are not eligible for prizes, please enter colour course.


Tea/Coffee and biscuits


Live results here
Updated to Orienteering Ireland website after event.


By Crannmor Pottery

First in class plus 1st Leinster if different.
Prize Giving at 3:15pm or asap after at Event Centre.
4 perpetual trophies will be awarded. M & W 21E, W35 and W18. Further details on Orienteering Ireland here