Rogaine Rules

Setanta Rogaine Ireland – Rules of Competition

Gear Checklists
6 hour

24 hour.

Competitors shall not seek to obtain unfair advantage by searching for controls or investigating the competition area prior to the event.

All competitors must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the event.
The age of veteran team members must exceed 40 years.

The Country Code must be observed at all times. Competitors are asked to report any damage to walls or fences to the organisers.

Team members must maintain contact with each other throughout the entire competition (i.e. close enough to maintain verbal contact). All team members must visit control sites together.

All competitors, including individuals & teams that are retiring, must hand in their Sportident Tag at the finish.

Electronic navigational aids, including altimeters, are strictly prohibited. Mobile Phones may be carried, but only used for emergency purposes

For competitor safety a minimum requirement of clothing and equipment must be carried as set out in the gear checklists. The jettisoning of any equipment and emergency rations is strictly prohibited.

If any team member is unable to continue then the whole team is deemed to have retired. Other team members must assist the retiring competitor to the nearest control site, road or any other recognisable feature where assistance can be given. The retirement must be reported as soon as possible to the organisers.

Competitors shall record a visit to a control by beeping the electronic tag in the control box. The filling in of an intention sheet is not required.

Control descriptions will be issued at race start time: 24 Hour Event – 2pm on the Saturday afternoon, 6 Hour Event – 8am on the Sunday morning. All teams must have registered and cleared kit check by this time.

Mass start for the 24-hour event will take place at 2pm on Saturday and mass start for the 6-hour event will take place at 8am on Sunday. Teams who arrive to the finish after the cut off time will be penalised, with teams finishing later than one hour after the cut off time being deemed ineligible for a placing and shall be recorded as ‘LATE’.