Leinster League, Glendasan Sunday 29th April

Come join us on Sunday for some open mountain orienteering, good preparation for IOC the following week. Courses for beginners and experienced. Parking access at Wicklow Gap on R756 between Laragh and Hollywood Co. Wicklow
Start times, 11-1pm, courses close 3pm.

Further details here

Maps A4, printed on water resistant paper

Scale, 1:10,000 for Blue and Brown, 1:7500 for all other courses.

Course details, straight line distance.
Course           Controls Length   Climb
Yellow                   7         1.3 km   10 m      Beginners, very easy navigation
Orange                 8         2.1 km   70 m      Beginners, Easy navigation
Red                      11        4.0 km   200 m    Long course good for novices.
Light Green        11        2.7 km   80 m      Some experience needed
Green                  10       3.5 km   175 m     Technical
Blue                     13       4.8 km   280 m   Physical and technical
Brown                 17        6.2 km   385 m   Physical and technical

Yellow course will have taped section.

Parking will be on the ESB road into Lough Nahanagan, (under Turlough Hill) at O 078 002. Parking needs to be off road to keep room for 2 way traffic on the ESB road.

Note* Take care as you drive down the ESB road where it crosses St Kevin’s Way. There is a race on this Sunday along St. Kevin’s and runners will be crossing the road downhill towards Laragh.

Our thanks to Wicklow Mountains National Park (most of competition area) and ESB parking and access for facilitating this event.