Irish Orienteering Championships 2019 – Setanta Results

The Irish Orienteering Championships were held last weekend in Fermanagh, thanks to Fermanagh Orienteers and Lagan Valley Orienteers.  There was a good turn out from Setanta members.

Congratulations to the Setanta prizewinners: Angus Tyner who was placed 2nd in the M50 category on each of the 3 days!
Maura Higgins who placed 3rd in the W70 category on Sunday. The ‘SET 1’ relay team, consisting of Angus Tyner, Hazel Thompson and Brendan O’Connor, who placed 2nd in the Handicap 12 relay race.
Well done to Laurel O’Connor who came 2nd on both the Yellow and Orange courses.

Here is a breakdown of Setanta’s placed results, the Relay Team results and the list of Setanta members who took part.

Florence Court Estate – 3 May 2019
M50   Angus Tyner   2nd  (less than a minute behind winner)

Castle Archdale – 4 May 2019
M50   Angus Tyner   2nd
Yellow Course   Laurel O’Connor   2nd

Cavan BurrenPark – 5 May 2019
M50   Angus Tyner   2nd
W70   Maura Higgins   3rd
Orange Course   Laurel O’Connor   2nd

IOC 2019 Relays – 06-May-2019 – Provisional Results
Handicap 12
SET 1   2nd   Angus Tyner/Hazel Thompson/Brendan O’Connor
Handicap 18
SET 2   5th    Eileen Walsh/Dave Weston/Jim Mulrooney
SET 3   18th  Tivon Tyner/Maura Higgins/Frank Brazil

Well done to all the Setanta members who took part in the various courses over the weekend: Frank Brazil, Maura Higgins, Jim Mulrooney, Brendan O’Connor, Laurel O’Connor, Máirtín Savage, Hazel Thompson, Angus Tyner, Tivon Tyner, Eileen Walsh, Dave Weston.

Results can be found on the IOA website here
Pictures of the event and awards can be found on the IOA facebook albums page here