Rogaine 2019 final details



Hi, and thank you to all who entered the Rogaine Ireland 2019. Below are some final briefing notes that you may find useful.

The event base is at Oakwood Hostel (grid reference 034 018). It is on the R756 and is about half way between Laragh and Hollywood. Watch out for the orienteering signs and kites at the forest entrance. Parking will be along a forest road and will be between 200m and 500m away from the hostel. We ask that all competitors be present at least one hour before race start to facilitate registration and gear check. Race briefing will be five minutes before race start. The above applies to both the 24 and 6 hour events.

We ask that competitors please review the web page to ensure that they know about the rules of competition and mandatory equipment required. Please ensure that you have the 2018 edition of the EastWest Lugnaquilla and Glendalough map. Competitors should have a watch/timepiece that is not GPS enabled or has a built in altimeter. The rules prohibit all electronic aids excluding compass and map. We’ll be putting your emergency mobile in an envelope to avoid temptation.

The hostel has bunk beds and showers. We are not promising hot water, but hopefully we can get the boiler working. If anyone wishes to stay the Friday or Saturday night, please get back to us as soon as possible us with a contact number.

We believe that we have set interesting courses this year that we hope will be enjoyed by all. The long range weather forecast isn’t too bad, so fingers crossed. We look forward to welcoming you all.


Rogaine Team

Setanta Orienteers