Rogaine Ireland 2012

Date(s) - 23/06/2012 - 24/06/2012
2:00 pm


Rogaine Ireland 2012

When: Sat, 23 Jun 2012 2:00pm
Event type: Rogaine
Results: Rogaine 2012 Results


The 15th Setanta Rogaine Ireland will take place on the weekend of June 23rd/24th, 2012.
This year we have different starting times for the 24 hour and the 6 hour events to allow everyone finish at the same time. It is hoped that this will create a better atmosphere after the race. We will also be using Sportident timing for the first time in the Setanta Rogaine Ireland.

Entries:         Closed for 2012.
See the current entry list here

Start Location:
The start location is at O064017, a forest entrance 200 metres northwest of Glashaboy Bridge, on the R756 between  Hollywood and Wicklow Gap – the entrance is on the north side of the gap road, and will be marked.

If travelling from Laragh/Glenadalough, take the R756 toward Hollywood.  This road climbs steadily to the Wicklow Gap which is the highest point and then descends to the north-west.  The start location is approx. 2 km north-west of the Wicklow Gap – please follow local orienteering signs.  If travelling from Hollywood on the R756, look out for the orienteering signs before the Wicklow Gap.

Registration will take place at the start location between 12:30pm and 1:30pm. Registration will involve checking of individual clothing/equipment (as set out in the published checklist – see below) and issue of SI cards.
Please arrive in good time to ensure registration is completed well before the start time.

Sporident (SI) cards will be issued to all competitors and must be secured to the wrist or clothing throughout the event.  The rules of competition as advertised are amended to require the SI control boxes at the control sites to be “punched” by all team members using the assigned SI cards.  It will not be necessary to punch a start control.  All team members must punch controls at approximately the same time, taking account of the requirement to visit control sites together.  All team members and individual competitors must punch the finish control.  The finish time for the team will be the last finish time to be recorded and any time penalty incurred by the team will be based on this time.  All SI cards must be downloaded after punching the finish.

Start Times:
24 Hour Event – 2pm Saturday, 23rd June
6 Hour Event – 8am Sunday, 24th June

Finish Times:    Both events will finish at 2pm on Sunday, 24th June
Prize giving:
      Prize giving will take place not later that 15:00 on Sunday.

See the Rogaine page for more information.

6 Hour Individual
6 Hour Team
24 Hour Team

Rules:            See the Rogaine Rules page for event rules.

Organiser:    Brian Power
Planner:        Denis Deasy
Support:       Jim Mulrooney

The Setanta Rogaine Ireland will take place in the Wicklow National Parks, approx. 60km from Dublin. The start location location is at O064017, a forest entrance 200 metres northwest of Glashaboy Bridge, on the R756 between Hollywood and Wicklow Gap.

Mountain navigation ability in all weather conditions is required.

More details will be made available closer to the event.

Kit Lists:
Please see the checklists below for the required equipment. Equipment will be inspected before the start of the event and must be carried throughout the duration of the event.

Team Checklist 24 Hour
Team Checklist 6 Hour

Map:   Harvey’s Wicklow Mountain Map   (can be bought in most outdoor shops in Dublin and online at
The current map is 2008, the legend states ‘limited revision and reprint 2008’.
Map scale 1:30000

The area of the event will be the Wicklow National Parks, approx. 60km from Dublin.

Accommodation in the Area:
For overseas visitors who are looking for accommodation near the Rogaine start, the best place to stay would be Laragh or Glendalough, Co. Wicklow.

If you are staying in Dublin, it will be at least a 1 hour drive to the start.

Setanta Orienteers are looking forward to meeting you all next weekend.  We are hoping that the weather will be kinder than of late although please come prepared for all possible weather conditions over the event.