Rogaine Ireland 2010

Date(s) - 26/06/2010 - 27/06/2010
12:00 pm


The 13th Setanta Rogaine will take place on the weekend of June 26/27th, 2010 starting at noon on Saturday 26th. Both 6hr and 24 hr events will start at this time, with the 6-hr event finishing at 6pm on the 26th, and the 24-hr event finishing at noon on the 27th. See the Rogaine page for more information.

Final Details
The start for Rogaine Ireland 2010 is at grid Reference T 077 996.

This is along the entrance road to Turlough Hill Power Station. The event will be signposted off the R756 just east of the Wicklow Gap. Please park on the east side of this road as directed by event marshals on the day. The security gates will be closed between 10pm and 6am during the event (this affects the 24 hour race only).

Camping will be in the area designated by event marshals.

Competitors must register by 11am in the morning of the event, and have their kit ready for inspection. Pre race briefing will take place at 11.55 for both events. Control descriptions will be handed out to team captains at race commencement of 12.00 noon.

Kit Lists
Please see the checklists below for the required equipment. Equipment will be inspected before the start of the event and must be carried throughout the duration of the event.

Team Checklist 24 Hour
Team Checklist 6 Hour

See the Rogaine Rules page for event rules.

Planner and Organiser:  Dave Weston, Denis Deasy

Map:  Harvey’s Wicklow Mountain Map   (can be bought in most outdoor shops in Dublin and online at
Map scale 1:30000

Entries for the 2010 Setanta Rogaine are closed

For the 24-hour event, an entry fee of €30 per competitor must accompany the entry form.
For the 6-hour event, an entry fee of €20 per competitor must accompany the entry form.

Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to “Setanta Orienteers”.

Competitors must take part in teams of two or more and all competitors must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the competition. No individual entries will be accepted.

All correspondence will be by email.

By completing the entry form you are agreeing to abide by the rules of the event. See Setanta Ireland Rogaine Rules.

Owing to the severity of the event, each entrant will be vetted for age and experience and the organisers reserve the right to refuse entries from persons who are considered to have insufficient experience. The organisers reserve the right to cancel or combine classes depending on the numbers of entries received.

Important Notice: Competitors take part in Rogaine Ireland 2010 entirely at their own risk.  No responsibility will be attached to the organisers for any injury or loss resulting from participating in this event.  The issue of the event information and a full set of the rules and conditions of the event will acknowledge accepted entry forms.  Entries not accepted will be returned within one week.

The start location has been announced. See Final Details above.
There is no public transport to the start!

Mountain navigation ability in all weather conditions is required.

Congratulations to Eoin Keith and Chris Caulfield on winning the 24 hour event in the 2010 Setanta Rogaine Ireland.
The 6 hour event was won by Setanta’s Terry Lawless and Hazel Thompson. Click here for full results.

Well done to all who took part and completed the 24 and 6 hours. Conditions were perfect with the ground underfoot being pretty dry for that part of Wicklow. It was great to see 2 teams from abroad taking part, one from Estonia and one from Belgium.

Finally thanks to Dave Weston, Denis Deasy, Jim Mulrooney and Tony Doolin for their hard work in putting out the controls and to Dave and Denis for manning the hash house for 24 hours. Those completing the 24 hours welcomed the BBQ as they finished. Thanks also to Base Camp, Middle Abbey Street, Dublin for sponsoring the prizes.

Hopefully we will get a report or two soon from both the 24 and 6 hour competitors.