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Results – Fair Mountain Leinster League Orienteering

Results for Fair Mountain Leinster League Orienteering – 02/10/2016 (5km west of Wicklow Gap)

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We are all keen to see route choices, especially 1 to 2 on Brown & Blue course. at least 4 different options, so please upload/draw your routes on Routegadget. Very good feedback on courses Green, Blue and Brown. Light Green was a bit long, but the weather was nice so it didn’t have major impact. It would have been a better length without the forest loop at end but this was added in with next weeks …

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A Brief History of Rogaining

A Brief History of Rogaining by David Rowlands The Melbourne University Mountaineering Club twenty four hour walk was invented by Niall Brennan and Bill Bewsher, with the first in 1947 taking a course from Healesville to Mt Donna Buang and attracting only 5 entrants. The walk was modeled upon navigation exercises used by troops during the Second World War. The annual event continued for more than 30 years; with numbers varying up and down from 50 to 200. Read More

Rogaine Rules

Setanta Rogaine Ireland – Rules of Competition

Gear Checklists
6 hour

24 hour.

Competitors shall not seek to obtain unfair advantage by searching for controls or investigating the competition area prior to the event.

All competitors must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the event.
The age of veteran team members must exceed 40 years.

The Country Code must be observed at all times. Competitors are asked to report any damage to walls or fences to the organisers.

Team members must maintain contact with each other throughout the entire competition (i.e. close enough to maintain …

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